Early Fragments (2009 to 2013)


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About this EP: These four songs were written during the time our previous band The Lovesong became inactive and Oh! Nullah started in 2014. They don't sound quite like either bands since I was experimenting and trying to find a different sound, but they represent the transition period (2009-2013) between the bands and serve as a precursor to what would eventually become Oh! Nullah.


released February 26, 2017

All tracks written, recorded, mixed and produced by Oh! Nullah

Guitars, bass and vocals on track 4 recorded at Stan Studio 2.0 by Stan L, and drums on track 4 recorded by Lee Yat Ding

Artwork (1998) by Suki Lee


tags: punk Hong Kong


all rights reserved


OH! NULLAH Hong Kong

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Track Name: Pass Me The Book
Now pass me the book
So I can open up the book
And read for myself what's inside
And see if things would match
Or suit my narrow eyes

Now tell me your thoughts
Might as well sing it in song
Let me in on your secrets
To friends and fortune
Your revelation

Who am I kidding anyway?
I feel so shallow
Wait, I am so shallow
I need to connect but how to connect
And read the same way as everyone else?
But the book doesn't mean a thing to me
Now for now anyway

It's growing inside
I feel my spirit arising
Towards a higher spiritual calling
But my earthly desires keep me falling
Once again I'm back again trying
Track Name: Time Of Youth
Rest in the place that's deep down in your heart
Like the time of youth where wonders never parted
Like the moments that you know you'd never return to
In a different time, in a different state of mind
And finding that things would never hurt you again
Imagine how different you would have become
The person you could have actually become

Time is the enemy of all things productive
When inspiration is nothing more than a wish
When clarity is reduced to a science
That tells you what you do won't make any difference
Then what becomes of me then?
Another year passes by but I still don't really care
I don't want to be left behind again
And see everyone else moving on and dreaming on
Moving on and dreaming on
I don't want be the one left behind again
Dreaming on and moving on
I don't want to be the loser left behind again

Laying down my thoughts
Trusting you will find me
Trusting you to make up my mind
There were times when I would listen
There were times when everything made sense
But all the times that failed me
Were still greater than all that I could be
Track Name: A Dream So Fine
I had once thought that in time
I would have found that dream of mine
A dream so fine, a thought so fine
But would I find it?

I don't remember the day it died
I don't even know what it felt like
To live with passion like everyone else
I can only look and dream back to a different time

What I have lost I have found in other things
Nevertheless they don't fill those gaps at all
I have to go on
I have been giving too much
To just let go and to dwell on things of the past

My mind is filled with melodies
That help me shun reality
But melodies can never bring
What dreaming brings with clarity
Find the dream I need to find
Change the chords go back in time
Track Name: Spring Will Save Us
Take my eyes out of the fire
Yes it burns
I don't know what's wrong inside
I feel a change is coming
Something's changing
Something's raging from my past
Take a sip of desire I've acquired
All these years I've locked inside
And tell me something new
That would make me change my life
I need to survive

As I reflect on year after year
I see the same things playing out
I might as well be someone else inside
Someone living a different life
This jealousy is killing me
I never asked for all this spite
What ever happened to my old and joyful self?

Maybe this song will save me now
Maybe these words will heal me now
Time will decide
Maybe this year will bring a change
Maybe I won't even ask for more
Time will decide
Maybe that's how it will always be
Maybe it's not as bad as it actually seems
Time will decide

I'll take it home
It'll all be gone