She Spoke In Tongues, I Spoke Incompetence


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released May 1, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered in March and April 2014 by OH! NULLAH in Sham Shui Po.


tags: punk Hong Kong


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OH! NULLAH Hong Kong

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Track Name: Everything Looked So Simple
Sign of rescue, temporarily
Minus the urge so well
Misuse this show and tell

Had we struggled so simply
The lies that might prevail
Never felt what others felt

I always looked from the outside
I never asked to be here
No one ever told me the secret

Cast that stone to bless our sorrow
Our souls prevail
Change our hearts before tomorrow
Guard our well
Separate the lies so distinct
Lines not so clear
Our idealistic need for instinct
Raised on fear, all these years

They don’t listen, never mind them
You fought to no avail
Superficial carousel

You would travel the distance
That plagued between your heart
Every night you played so well

And I did it right
Acted how I was supposed to act
But I lost who I was inside
Everything looked so simple
Track Name: She Spoke In Tongues, I Spoke Incompetence
Oh tired eyes, taste the sleep
In its place you swore defeat
This old hour, fan desire as one to keep

Flying high, hand in hand
We were one, embraced the skies
Intending to save the world
Save those souls from falling through

Who are your critics now?
Siberia stole my heart
We are the mystics rebound
The sand won’t wash our feet now

Clipping wires (static fire)
Solitude from sounds acquired
Lift me higher (hands conspire)
Gratitude in luck so dire

Brace yourselves the tunnel won’t follow this sign
Weary eyes the view is blocked through the mist line
Take an oath and turn it to something gold
Telephone the pews, old excuse

I recall the days when you left home
Found a life so far away
Maiden eyes, sailed a voyage full of surprise

She spoke in tongues, they all fell down
I was left there standing up
Wondering and questioning
What it took to be a chosen son
Track Name: Jardine's Lookout Taught Us
Kind are the words the broken hearts will never find
They’re not counting on us
The perfectly aligned, infinitely blind

Discern the lies espoused by prophets falsely learned
Foreign ideologies
Conviction and the zeal
Hypocrisy revealed

Through a tale of surprise we want to hear
That was passed through our fears
The empty spaces were made new
Though the sun will come on out from Kowloon East
Understated at least
Won’t you take my hand and walk with me?
I have yet to feel that something
Precious inside, renewed and gratified

Time like an endless hill that we will fail to climb
We can never go back
The moments lost are gone
Misery responds

Kind is the man whose courage never fails to shine
He could lead us all
But lest we see him fall
Remember he’s still human

Share everything you’ve ever learned and what is fair
Say a prayer for us
The pilgrims lost at sea
The heathens, you and me
Track Name: Chinese Flag Rises Void Of Surprises
Listen, wind chimes
Tinkling song
A night of solace
Tai Hang bound

Tired soldier, ostracize
Jealous hearts, claim that prize
Take a bow

Lonely sailor, representation

Take a bow
Take control

Freedom could carry
The weight of all
Track Name: Long Walk Home From Arnos Grove
They say the government’s lying
To tell the truth who cares
The passer-by he’s trying
To pay for food and the rent

The sun is up it’s shining bright
Decent folks trying to do what’s right

You know that it’s hard
Living day to day

London’s cold but I was told
That the sun will shine
The warmth of June behind closed doors
It’s still cold inside

Hong Kong’s charms so void of life
The money still shines
The lifelong goal to hoard the wealth
A vision so blind

Maybe the time is coming
The poor might really be free
Countries would be more equal
No more injustice or dying
Track Name: Critical Analysis With A Grain Of Salt
Terrified of failure
He couldn’t stand to see the score
Though he tried his hardest
His parents always wanted more

Backward thinking of generations
Hopeful inkling of restoration

Challenge what you see
The cautious thoughts they taught to you and me
Challenge what you hear
The constant sounds and discipline you fear

And when your life has fallen through
There’s no shame in coming back and starting anew
So take the path your heart has chosen
Walk right on, ignore all the curses that were spoken

Justified by beauty
She tried so hard to find herself
Trying hard to fit in
But no one knew how she felt
Track Name: This Style Erodes
My indecision from fraught to fail
Align the distance
Two pence a tale
Checkered lines surround me
Heavy thoughts defy me

This summer time
Memorise your name
Checkered lines surround me
Heavy thoughts defy me

This style erodes
Time moves so slowly
Annexed alone
Thoughts rectify me

Our days turn into years
Have we all changed for the worse?
Resign from what we’ve made
State the facts so absurd

Shame, myself to blame
Ingrained from wreckage abound
So forth this journey takes
Mellow out, reverse and unwound

Paternal values from tense to stale
Rescue the recess
Token to fail
Sunshine embrace me
Single words caress me

My weary eyes
Still plodding through
Sunshine sun embrace me
Single words caress me
Track Name: First Heard At Missing Link
I never thought it would change my life
Punk rock at Coffee House
While others barked I would stand outside
Quietly walking behind

I had a dream where I would take flight
From 25 floors up
The notion that I would take control
That I could change the world, what a joke

I think I’ve heard it before
That love will save the day
The feeling promised much more
But now it’s gone away

I’m reaching out
From the place I’ve tucked away
Realising that we’re all the same
I’m calling out
My friends have gone
Changed for the worse
But they all probably feel the same

I never thought it would come to this
I think I know it now
So lost I’d finally settled down
Sharing this joyful sound

I always knew I would never win
Things haven’t changed much since
Just like the records I first picked up
And heard at Missing Link

Let us lay down all our pride
And never judge each other
We are one in the same
I was once such a fool
Thinking I was so much better
Just to justify myself

Maybe if we all remembered
Where we came from as a child
How we were all so simple
Then the fingers would stop pointing
Then our hearts might be open
Imagine all of us free