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released May 23, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered in May 2014 by OH! NULLAH in Sham Shui Po.


tags: punk Hong Kong


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OH! NULLAH Hong Kong

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Track Name: Folding Tables
Spare a thought for the lost and lonely souls
Our eyes, our hearts so warped and blinded
Stained glass, broken doors
Tiny kitchens once ignored
Feeling proud, standing tall
Graduated from the floor

Stay here for the view
Oh mountains, rescue me
Guided by the cues
They spoke my life to be

And maybe it will shine
And maybe there’ll be nothing
But we will never know
If we ever stop trying

And maybe we will smile
And maybe still feel nothing
But we will never love
If we ever stop pursuing

Walk with me, we’ll find another dream
Never mind the time
Where you swam, I’ll meet you down the stream
Hold your head up high

We are stuck with the things that hurt us sorely
I carry the thoughts that would last a lifetime
Painted walls, glowing lights
I never thought it could look so bright
Paranoia, fear of people
Finding answers in the sequel
Track Name: Sweet 35
Bright blinding lights, I never felt this pressure
Resonating dreams took place of my stature
Floating hope with a faint desire
Shut it out with an old pacifier

The storybook tells me it’s burning with dreams
Come and see, so radical, come set me free
The lucky ones could never know or foresee
The differences

Spin it back around
Questions still astound us
Reminding how we have to struggle on
I’ve walked a 1000 miles
Laced with phony smiles
Where is that place now I can call my home?

Sweet 17 inside
No compromising
Sweet 35 you’ll realise
You’re no longer stupid

Well, rest assured I never need a reminder
The tragic sounds drive a conscience higher
Came so close I almost lost my fire
Let it burn with my sorrow prior

The simple folks tell me it’s timing you see
Watch and learn, analogy, enlighten me
Unlucky ones would never know their disease
Or Charity

The past will hold us back
If we cannot live in the moment
In between all those silent awkward thoughts
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
Well, meet me at the door

I’ll drop it all for an honest moment
Finding my way home on Chun Fai Road
Can you see me? Can you hear me?
Crawling up that lonely road

December time 1998
I bore the brunt of a big mistake
It’s too late now to change
But I’m okay, I’ll be okay
I have always been okay