Jaded Summer


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released March 15, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered in June, July 2014 and February, March 2015 by OH! NULLAH in Sham Shui Po.

Album artwork by Ruth Chan (www.ohtruth.com)


tags: punk Hong Kong


all rights reserved


OH! NULLAH Hong Kong

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Track Name: Culture Is Privilege
The years have come and gone, I’ve settled down
Tied down to what I’ve found
But anyhow it looks alright
The change we all desire, it doesn’t come
I’ve learnt to count what I’ve got
And what I’ve got is enough

When the day is done who’ll still be by your side?
Have we lost ourselves inside the truth we hide?
I don’t care if my life remains the same each year
Carry on, do your best even when it hurts to care

Change is compiling
All the things you stole, composed, rewrite
So precise but insincere
Now tell me something
In the words of a parable recite
Shine a light on our lives

Our former culture’s changing every day
You taught me how to look the other way, not my own
Maybe we’re all too smart but ignorant
It takes a lot to say we might be wrong
That’s the truth

Who could tell they’ll paralyse the system?
Poor advice when you flirt with superstition
20 years to realise that I’ve done something right
Letting go of the things I couldn’t justify
Track Name: Kindness Will Teach You
Forever I’m stuck with who I am
Joyful folks would never understand
The pain that comes from my mouth shut
The cynic learning to cope with trust

Calm down, your feelings don’t matter now
Can you find the song that’s inside your mind?
Slowly fading
The moments defying

Who are we kidding?
We always find something to blame
Maybe the reason
Our blessing results in the same
“So” said the sunshine
“I’ll bring you some healing today”
Kindness will teach you
Embrace you as long as you stay

There is nothing left to add
Seek and you’ll likely find
There is nothing new to hear
The same old chords, tired ears

Anxiety will produce a drug
That won’t stop me with any luck
I must stand up and face my fears
Will I still trust these next 10 years?
Track Name: Children Of Tomorrow
When the first bomb fell, it cast a spell
Lifting us from the dark
The silent chronicles
Slowly mending broken seams apart

Then the panic came, values rearranged
Barely ready to fight
The solemn people united
Learning to take what’s right

Little child, you were right
You have led us where they’d left us
Out of sight from atonement
The economic piles of resentment
Will we ever learn?

Lead us on, oh what do we know
It’s not easy to resist the easier road
To be someone living in denial
Safe inside your bubble
Living for yourself

Now the streets have cleared
But in its place a culture war emerges
The clash of yellow and blue
Resisting the birth of violence

The truth will stay the same
Some will live in shame facing demons and strife
But in these moments unscripted
This could change the rest of your life
Track Name: The Fall Of Fourteen
Do you remember that September
When the students were hit and dragged?
Or how about when we took to the streets
And they fired the first tear gas?

It’s been nearly half a year
But the feeling’s like yesterday
Tensions high on dim lit Mong Kok streets
And the sting of their pepper spray

Police and cordons, raising their batons
Cameras rolling, there’s pushing and shoving
To serve and protect, not act like a threat
Seven to one, that sure looks fun

When the rule of the law’s broken
Or simply bent with no amends
To serve a few and ignore the rest

Raise them high, yellow umbrella
Walk with pride, don’t let them scare you
Fight for change, whose responsibility?
You and me, we’re all a part of this

Long for our city to find tranquility
Reclaim our streets, terror free
Our people laughing and finally living
Society that's infinitely free

There were those who thought that free elections
Didn’t justify the blocked roads
Well I’m not sorry tents on Nathan Road
Brought down your sale of gold

Who cares if you cannot drive to work
The future is now at stake
And what’s the point of meeting for discussion
When there isn’t any give or take?

Asia’s finest, media bias
Oh how could you destroy the truth
And kiss the ass of those who rule?
Track Name: Jaded Summer
Tired eyes won’t rest inside this broken logic
Can we carry the weight of time
Back from our failures?
The season’s changing
Will we feel fine without retaining
The things we’ve lost, those dear to our lives
The moments passing?

This summer is changing our lives
Never knew what winter had lost
Springtime has found us a dream
Autumn air extending the cost

Jaded summer can’t erase
All retired, sober pain
Jaded summer won’t forget to tell us

Our minds rely on highs (So hesitant inside)
That will shape our lives (To solitude confide)
Inconsistent thoughts (No one really knows)
Won’t join the dots

Take the path that works (That no one travels on)
Mocked, unseen, absurd (You’re going the wrong way)
Where the path shall end (Time might find a friend)
No one knows when

The time will pass
It’s temporary

Surely sadness won’t change our lives
It’s only emotion
But what I’ve thought would turn out right
Was something different
The world goes on without my thoughts
The same things happening
Finding meaning to call my own
But would it find me?
Track Name: These Days So Temporary
The sudden raging
The words you swore you’d never say
Making amends before too late

There sings the lullaby
The softer tones through lonely eyes
There was a time in May
When spring would say the same things
Unified but barely right
The hidden truth in hindsight will stay

Let it go now
The things that tie your heart in chains
Weary answers
A bitter heart will kill the world

I tried to walk away
But troubled hearts won’t break the chains
There were some days in June
Where we had learned to break through
These days so temporary
Going back to necessary ways

We are not alone (don’t walk the other way)
In spite of what we we’re told (so tired and ashamed)
We are all the same (lessons to be learned)
In spite of what we claim (the prodigal return)

These moments we’ll see with faint clarity
I’ll gladly take them all
When we’re learning to fall
Track Name: CPC Salvation
In the eyes of the prophet it’s the end
Shed a tear for the fool
People fighting, condescending to defend
Redefining their rules

Destination, resolution
All the lines that have been drawn
Converge across

Radically narrow thoughts
The central party line shows no remorse
Can’t you see this city’s on fire?
Maybe that’s what makes us human
Anything that leads us to salvation
Making sense of what we’ve got or not

Days pass by
It’s hard to stay inside from the others
Tenements crumble
Existential gain from the rubble

In the things so mundane we long for vision
We’re still searching for truth
Some will find it making backward decisions
That others approve

Elevation, annihilation
All the lines that held them back
Have now been lost
Track Name: Last Of My Mistakes
They saw the sign
Kept it to their hearts
The silver line, the chosen words
In the clouds all thoughts deferred
We compromise
Might as well accept the standard lines
The social ties, analysed and misaligned

Take my hand and we’ll see
What things will lie ahead
I doubt we’ll settle there
You’ll never go far with me
I don’t want to clip your wings
My burden will hold you back

The sound it makes
The fluttering of past mistakes
Now they’re gone

Surely these things would destroy
A compassionate heart
Never thought I’d go the distance
Make a mistake and renounce that
Resounding false start
Never thought I’d lose persistence

Hoping I won’t lose my way
Never going to count the cost
Never know the time it’d take
To make amends for things I’d lost
The last of my mistakes will never part

Oh happy heart, when you fall down
Is something wrong, did I hurt you?
Or did life just pass you through?
Let’s start again
Had we sung along until the end
The verse won’t show
How the story had been untold