Rest in the place that's deep down in your heart
Like the time of youth where wonders never parted
Like the moments that you know you'd never return to
In a different time, in a different state of mind
And finding that things would never hurt you again
Imagine how different you would have become
The person you could have actually become

Time is the enemy of all things productive
When inspiration is nothing more than a wish
When clarity is reduced to a science
That tells you what you do won't make any difference
Then what becomes of me then?
Another year passes by but I still don't really care
I don't want to be left behind again
And see everyone else moving on and dreaming on
Moving on and dreaming on
I don't want be the one left behind again
Dreaming on and moving on
I don't want to be the loser left behind again

Laying down my thoughts
Trusting you will find me
Trusting you to make up my mind
There were times when I would listen
There were times when everything made sense
But all the times that failed me
Were still greater than all that I could be


from Early Fragments (2009 to 2013), released February 26, 2017


tags: punk Hong Kong


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OH! NULLAH Hong Kong

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